Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament lash back at Governor Deng


By Isaac Vuni and James Gatdet Dak

January 26, 2008 (JUBA) – The Caucus of the Unity State’s members of the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly in Juba today called on the Government of Southern Sudan to audit accounts of the state, accusing its governor of corruption.

Benjamin_Majak.jpgIn a press conference held on Sunday, the Unity State MPs headed by Benjamin Majak, Chairman of the Caucus in the Assembly said the Unity State Governor Taban Deng Gai is responsible for the corruption in the state. They also demanded for removal of Governor Taban Gai Deng for failing to deliver services and development in the state.

The MPs also called on the President of the Government of Southern Sudan to reveal the report of the Ministerial Committee he formed last year to investigate the Governor on the alleged corruption charges. They expressed their disappointments over the delay of the report in the Presidency’s office.

“It is regrettable that the committee constituted by President Salva Kiir Mayardit in November 2007 to investigate the crises in the state delayed for four months thereafter went and spend two days with the Governor Taban without visiting counties of the state. Hence they ended up collecting one side story prepared by Governor Taban Gai Deng. Therefore, we are appealing to the government of southern Sudan to urgently address this issue by removing governor Taban and replace him with a developmental oriented person form among the sons and daughters of Unity state;” pleaded MP Peter Margue Thiep.

Majak described the recent attacks in the media by Governor Deng as an attempt to blackmail individuals to cover up his alleged corruption. He said that Deng’s attack on the Vice President of the Government of Southern Sudan was not fair.

In an interview with The Citizens newspaper, Governor Deng accused the Vice President of the Government of Southern Sudan, Riek Machar for allegedly “undermining his authority in the state.” Deng said the state traditional chiefs and members of Parliament were engineered by the Vice President to remove him from the state governorship.

Hon. Majak told journalists that the Governor has to blame himself for his corrupt practices. He said the state has since 2005 received over $122 million dollars as part of oil revenue sharing of two percent contrary to the figure of $60 million released by the Governor.

The state MPs also blame the Governor for over-employment in the State. “During the formation of the State government in 2005, the state inherited only 6,000 employees, but the Governor has employed 12, 000 more to total 18, 000,” MP Majak said.

Responding to question why Unity state is recruiting foreign teachers, mostly from Kenya, Majak explain that the recruitment exercise was hurriedly done lonely by Governor Taban even without consulting GoSS ministry of Education, Science and Technology for possibility of getting Southern Sudanese teachers from other states who are more qualified than Kenyan teachers. Nevertheless, the lawmakers pledged to exert pressure on state administration to reverse their decision because it’s costly to get teachers from outside the country.

He also claimed that the Governor has employed one hundred and fifty advisors contrary to only one hundred earlier admitted by Governor Deng in his interview with The Citizen news paper.

Unity State MP Puok Bol Mayamic said the Governor Taban has not contributed to the development of the state. Otherwise what Governor Taban termed his new development component in the state today are done by Khartoum government in collaboration with oil company operating in Unity state before signing of CPA in January 2005. But Governor Taban claimed to have constructed roads, schools and hospitals among others in the state from the time he took over state administration.

They accused Governor Taban Deng of running Unity State single-handedly, appointed 150 advisors at monthly pay of three million Sudanese pounds without consultation either with GoSS ministry of Finance or Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development; only at the expense of development funds yet the so called advisors are doing nothing. On serious note, where on earth a state governor has 150 advisors? , posed Hon. Majak

The Parliamentarians also accuse Governor Deng’s administration for marginalizing the minority Dinka community in the state by selecting mostly members of the Nuer community to represent the state in the State government in Bentiu, Government of Southern Sudan in Juba and Government of National Unity in Khartoum.

They also accuse him of misusing the two percent of oil revenue for the state to benefit him and approving unprocessed loans and grants to individuals in the state.



  1. Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament slash back at Governor Deng
    Good God where will this media attack between Unity State citizen will end and where will Massaiah will come from to save his people?

    Our shortcoming as people need not to drive us from our objective, corruption, nepotism and all of those slogans need not to be used as escapegoat.

    As citizen of one state you need not to rash to media and it will not solve anything, it will just add more colours into your painting.


    Guem David

    • Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament slash back at Governor Deng
      You are correct David Guem.
      Governor Taban Deng Gai seems to be one of the corrupt Governor amongst the top currupted officials in the GoSS by rushing to the media to accuse
      Vice President of the GoSS.
      His words already indicated that he is one the hyenas whom GOSS are looking for.
      Plaese Governor Deng Gai,review your CARDS.
      Acholi Lwor

    • Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament slash back at Governor Deng
      I would like to thanks governor Taban Deng Gai for bringing Riek Machar back to join the SPLM/A again, however I just don’t know whether both Taban and Dr. Riek are doing us any good or bad!. First of all these two men should appreciate the fact that SPLM/A welcome them back without asking them to apologizes for what they did, as a matter of fact Riek Machar, Lam Akol and Taban Deng where treated like a prodigal son during their arrival. They all held most of the highest postion in our government and yet they are not doing their people a fovour.

      In southern Sudan corruption and misusing of public money are wide spread among the leaders of our Country, and maybe this debate that is going on among the Unity State officials will help to stop corruption.

      • Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament slash back at Governor Deng
        The war of words amongst the Unity state officials is not a new war. It is very old as the history of corruption in GoSS. But it is a very confusing war with no winners and losers between the governor and his rivals embodied in some of the intellectuals within the state and the MPs in Juba. Mr. Taban has first shown to the entire Southern how clever he is by throwing the ball to Dr. Riek and Hon. Benjamin Majak fields. Taban denied any wrong doing instead he shamelessly blamed Riek of his troubles and by naming him the new NCP man within the SPLM. Taban shown who clever he is by intimidating both Dr. Riek and Hon. Benjamin Majak the first being the NCP secret agent of disability of his governorship and later disability of the SPLM and the South Sudan, the second rival is named a killer and Mr. judge Taban is working hard to bring him to justice by transporting the people who he said want to take law into their hands to Juba to trial Majak.

        The hit and hide fighting in Unity state is a war of interests of the self declared wises and the loyalist governor who think he is the only SPLM loyalist and the rest are traitors while he was and was forgiven and forgotten. He could simply listen to them and find solutions for the problems in brotherhood-ness manner instead of threatening people to the point of exile of some intellectuals who are storming the media every week with allegations of corruption. .

        Solution is with the President Gen. Salva Kiir who before had sack more than one governor in South Sudan and replaced them with new governors. Why is it difficult to remove Taban, do Taban hold a magic stick to control the security in the state?

        Is Unity state a place of Unity among the people living there?

  2. Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament lash back at Governor Deng
    Hi Guys

    This is the right time for Taban Deng Gai to pay price for his filthy conducts, Taban has been a big flip flopper for years, he ran from SPlA to Riek function, he has been writing worst articles against SPLA and its officers include late Garang before he shed his dirty colors to act like best Garang supporter during CPA.

    Taban is known as single stomach thinker not developer who don’t respect south sudan authorities, he also has tribalistic problems than anybody else, so, that time has come for the GoSS to take stand now. He got his head into the noose by himself.

    God bless.

  3. Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament lash back at Governor Deng
    What the world the governor had 100 advisers according to his own words, apart from 150 advisers according to Mayak?
    I don’t trust this traitor because the way he try to deny every thing and turn charged to other is revealed that he is a big theft at this livetime. Any intelectual person can wonder why he give state money to those Juba ministers as he said by his own words that “it is an assistant” in his interview with the press, while the ministers have their own salary? Why he use state money to treat individual?

    I can tell the way he expressed himself during the interview without any demonstration of being diplomatic or gentlement, instead, he just complaining, excusses, liar, and even frustrated to the extent that he just fear for sack. How do he define corruption? Hired 150 advisers is a corruption, given state money to those who received salary without approval by the state house is a corruption, and using the state money for treating individual without approval by the state house is the corruption.
    I will never trust this traitor since I know him in etang Refugee camp.

    Deng Abuk Africa

    • Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament lash back at Governor Deng
      While honoring the parliamentarians’ views from the Unity State, I stood to question them how many alleged corruptions the south new government clear up before the public in the past two years. If more or less this south new government failed to resolve non of the alleged corruptions happened in the past, what influenced these Unity State’s parliamentarians to band hands in hands together this time to warn the Governor of the Unity State. If the south administration turn blind eye to explain the previous corruptions against the past excused ministers, then when decisively they think to go to the bottom of spreading mismanagements of the public money. This case is a tip of the iceberg.

      • Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament lash back at Governor Deng
        Taban Deng Gai should now rest for this has become a common phenomenon among the Nuer intellectuals, because he may be in danger to the people who use their noses and mouths for thinking.
        I believe unity state will be like Warrap state in Northern Bhar el Ghazal if GOSS doesn’t take a very seriou measures on that issue.
        Not only that, there is a hiden agenda in removal of Mr Taban, since he is accused of corruption, it is from those intellectuals who are not benefiting individually from the state two percent and among those guys is our VP, number one. Any way the former warrior should go home and rest or to choose to rejoin Bashir.

        • Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament lash back at Governor Deng
          Peter Biar,

          I can see that you are dying about the Nuer. What you don’t know is that the first corrupt leaders in the Government of Southern Sudan since 2005 were not from the Nuer, but from the Dinka. Is it not correct. What was the cause of the quarrel between late John Garang and Salva Kiir in 2004, which was fortunately and successfully mediated by Dr. Riek Machar to save the movement from the split after he successfully changed its objectives towards the aspirations of the people of Southern Sudan. Do you mean the Dinka cannot exchange accusations and counter-accusations? People will laugh at you!

          • Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament lash back at Governor Deng
            Mr Peter

            Taban is already at his home Land, the Federal Republic of Nuerlands, with its capital city as Greater Bantio!!

            I wonder which home you wanted him to go to as he is in the heart of his home!! unless you mean he should consider leaving your Dinka dominated GoSS for you, which I believe all Nuer will leave you very soon!

            We will kick you out of the unity state too very soon! thus don’t just talk about us leaving you, but you leaving our state as we are going to declare our Fereal States of Nuerlands very soon instead!

            A2 (UK)

          • Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament lash back at Governor Deng
            plz brother Dinka leaders are not corrupter you motherfucker, why do you write like this and your names sound like Dinka Names or are you Dinka-Arab.

            Hi brother I wanna let you known don’t consider Mr Riek macher as Important people is useless person what has he did in some years ago to Bor county, anyway for your information Mr Riek is a corrupter, is a person of sectionalism,clanalism,discriminaton and triblism. please short the fuck up from Dinka leaders and late Garang was not having conflict with kiir or anybody in the movement and man you don’t something if Mr Riek was Garang I don’t think there be no peace now adays in southern sudan because Mr Riek is a single stomach maker while late Dr Garang is a man of the peolpe.

            God curse this kinds of people.

            please understand your langauge.

            Lual Chol Kuir.

            you can reached me at lual_chol@hotmail.com.

          • Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament lash back at Governor Deng
            Lual Chol Kuir

            you mother fucker Dinka or slave as we call you in!!!!!!!!!!! your motherfucker Dinka and your fucken late shit Garang and fucken Bor are just dirt that have be cleaned be careful about you say against Dr Reik and all Nuer people because Nuer were the one that liberated your anuses from Arab without eastern Nuer that fed your bottoms could you there now talking shits I really the fucken peace to be destroyed so that we can fuck your Dinka arses once against if your are not corrupt then who is fucking corrupting our resources are not you, motherfuckers!

          • Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament lash back at Governor Deng
            Motherfucker Lual

            you and your motherfucker Dinka or slave as we call you in Nuer are nothing but shits!

            Your motherfucker Dinkas and their fucken late shit Garang and all fucken Bor are just dirt that have to be cleaned off! Be careful about what you say against our brother and Nuer icon his highness Dr Reik who will fuck your mother if you say any rubish against him! we Nuer will take you back to the time before British fucken saved your arses from us i.e we will make you as our salves again otherwise shut your motherfucker grote monden up!

            YOU MUST respect Nuer people because they were the one that liberated your anuses from Arab slavery and without eastern Nuer that fed the BOTTOMS of your fucken SPLA/M you could not be there now talking these shits on your fucken website that you control like your fucken GoSS and your fucken SPLA that we are going to fuck for you very soon!

            I really want the fucken peace to be fucken destroyed for you so that we can fuck your Dinka arses once against!

            If your fucken DINKA are not THE one are corrupting our money, then who else doing so where are your people that used to clean shits her in UK or other Western countries including USA! Are they not the one that fucking robbing our country now stop bullshitting us we will fucken kill you or arest you once we get rid of your fucken kindgdom the fucken GoSS! try Dr Reik and see how we will fuck your mothers! I want to command the next war between us and I wish the your fucken Garang should not die that way I would have killed him myself any motherfucker who will delete this comment fuck you too!

            Long live Anyanya 2, God will take care of Abdella Chol Deng, Samuel Gatch Tut and Charless quote! Liong Tanginya and bless to the Nuer power!

            A2 (UK)

          • Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament lash back at Governor Deng
            Hi Maotherfucker nuer do you really know who the fuck i’m, for your information Mr Dog Riek is a trouble maker in southern sudan without him there will be peace in Southern Sudan, but with him we will must go back to the agreement of 1972 which is has not being fullfil upto date.

            Hi motherfucker Nuer without Dr John Garang and all Dinka leaders Arabs was about to and still fuck your mother upto now but due to their kindfull, honest that why the fought for your right,I would like to request you God to kill corrupter Mr Dog Riek anyway for your information Dinka leaders they do respect the names of southern sudan and land that why the scrafile their live because of you motherfucker.

            Hi motherfucker Nuer you all fucking large section for nothing is just to eat and sleep without thinking about what will bring the deveployment to our country, thinking about what will ganno happen in future rether thinking of what you gonna eat tomorrow.

            Hi dear motherfucker Nuer you are complaining about corruption how will you gonna fight while the house of corrupters is in Nuer with the head office as Mr Dog Riek house please if you wanna clean your home you must to start with your house and then untill the time you reached outside the gate.

            Hi dear all the brothers of southern sudan look at Nuer community or Nuer people carefull this are the people who loot our resources in our country during the war people of southern sudan were foughting aganist Arab while Nuer people were foughting aganist the resources and foods. And your dad,brother,sister and mam lost their lives because of resources,equity and freedom please brothers if one of you have friend from Nuer you are in dange you will die soon because anytime if you have nothing for him to eat then he will kill you.

            Please you Nuer people don’t take us as bad people because we have conflict with your food priveder Arab and God know that we are were doind the right thing for our people . you Nuer stop eating arab moneys and try to look for other way you gonna get the money.

            Please you poeple Motherfucker from Nuer is cool or good for you to write your Name so that we can know not by wronte that names 2uk me too Iam in western world but can be proud for being here because of civil war in my country so please you Nuer don’t take the war as adventage .

            lual chol kuir

            you motherfucker from Nuer you can reached me at lual_chol@hotmail.com


          • Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament lash back at Governor Deng
            Motherfucker son of bitch Lual and motherfuckers Dinka and your fucken dead leader Dr John Garang de fuck!
            Those fucken resources that you are robbing now are Greater Nuer resources!

            So, why it is paining your anuses when hearing about Mr Rami Raan Sir Taban Dneg and his highness and Rami Raan, Dr Reik Macher! So what if we corrupt our own resources!

            If you don’t like corruption why were you allowing your fucken Majak of fucken Kiir’s office to steal millions and your fucken Anther Akuen to fucken steal millions too!

            Even your fucken dead tribal chief the Motherfucke and murderer Dr Garang de mafuck (God PUT HIM IN THE FUCKEN EVERYLASTING FIRE) was diverting the fucken money he was begging in the name of our people that he was murdering with his rubbish and uncalculated stupidly commanded war!

            For your fucken information we Naath including Dr Reik paid for the stupidity of your fucken Dr Garang! we fought the fucken war than any fucken Jaang ( literally means Nuer’s slaves) we fed your anuses too thanks to Nuer generosity and power because if the fucken war was fought in an area other than the Greater Nuerland, you motherfucker know what the fucken consequences should be! Failure isn’t? why your fucken Dr kashap or wood didn’t fight his fucken in your fucken Dinkaland or fucken Jangeyland as you are called by Equatorians! Because he was fucken aware of the famine that is chronic in the fucken Dinkaland isn’t !

            Take my word seriously, is not a joke, we are going to fuck your Dinkaland very soon! This time we will use high-tech weapons including unconventional warfare to fucken ethnically cleanse your motherfucker Dinka tribe,this will including ?????????? and ????????? to fucken ethnically cleanse or forge your fucken tribe, the fucken Dinka or Jangey!
            So that there will be some peace and tranquillity in south Sudan! This is before the declaration of the independence of Great Federal States of Nuerland with greater Bantio as its capital city! What are you going to do we are huge in number and very powerful both physically and emotionally!

            This time no one will allow you to divide us again! Haa haa! Nuer community wherever it is found in the world, is highly organised and firmly united as well!
            Then, who will allow you to shake the firm foundation of our unity once more! We are not those of traitor William Nyeon Bang amonmg others of his wicked traitors that sold our Nuer blood to your foolish Dr Garang very cheaply! Look at it now, I am from Greater Eastern town of Nasir and I am standing firmly behind my brothers in Unity state or kuech cheing Nath as we term it in Nuer, the very birth place of the first Nuer! It is the sign of unity isn’t! yes it is because we don’t care of what you said they did or who what you want from them because they are Naath and and if they do whatever within the boundaries of their Greater Federal states of Nuerland it is very fine indeed in my eyes!

            We hate you and your fucken Dr Garang as well! if you don’t believe what I am talking about, now try to do any thing to do with your fucken Dr Garang or fucken Kiir or any fucken Dinka leader in any town of Greater Nuerland and witness the reaction of our Nuer people, and see what they will do to that fucken thing of your fucken Dinka!

            When did your fucken Dr Garang die? And do you think that we will can pay tribute to his fucken dying day! you must be teasing, you motherfucker Lual chol, son of fucken Dinka bitch!

            Dr Reik rejoining of the fucken SPLA/M under the leadership of the fucken Dr Garang and his becoming as vice of the fool and the primitive Kiir, was not and will never be welcomed by any wise Nuer, because it is indeed very degrading to our greater tribe that liberated your fucken anuses, you cowed and fool Dinka that know nothing other then food!
            I am a qualified??????????????????????? First of its kind in the story of Southern Sudan! But you know what? I refuse to join your corrupt GoSS unedr leadership of your fucken Dinka! I will work hard overseas to ????????????????????????????

            Mr Africa!!

            The HIV/AIDS that you are talking about is one of my subjects!!, so don’t be happy because you are killing Nuer people now using biological warfare possibly! there are many Nuer scientists like me abroad too! if HIV/AIDS is endemic in Kenya and Uganda then it is SPLA Generals of Dinka tribe who are messing with Kenyan and Ugandan prostitutes because they got money that they robbed from GoSS! Will be most infected by HIV because more money MEANS more problems! The money you are robbing now from our people will turn to your killer in term of diseases such as AIDS and liver sicknesses due to excessive alcohol drinking being the new culture of your corrupt officials of GoSS!
            So, you may know better if you intentionally infected our people with HIV but don’t laugh at us because we will be doing the same to you is good that you revealed this fact! Nowadays, there are many Nuer scientists who are working or studying in the Western countries than ever before and this will be their privilege to investigate your comment!
            Now, you tried to advise me of swearing and you sounded like a civilised well-mannered individual until you quickly reversed to your originality! by generalising your swearing to every Nuer person, so my question to you is: what is different between you and me then? And do you know why I sworn at those? Why I am not swearing to you now??????????? you are not better than those but the only thing prevent me from searing at you is that you revealed a very important thing to me!! What you are doing right now to our innocent people!
            let see who is going to die more with HIV/AIDS than who!

            A2 (UK)

          • Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament lash back at Governor Deng
            Tutaya Yen

            I do know that Nuer can be confronted wherever they wise, but if you don’t confronting with tools necessary, they can tuck their leg and release much stink gass or fart on front of other without respect.

            Nuer like where there is plenty of food. They turn when ever wind bring in smell food. What let Dr foodminded Machar and corruptioner so called Taban to joined El Bashir was because people fighting in the south with no pay, and when realized that there will be an enough money at the end, they came back.

            What resources you talking about? The one your idiot or devil Dr craps Riek Machar gave to Omer El Bashir for food in Bentiu?

            I don’t need to hear that Devil Machar wife has become the Governor of Unity state, it will let me injecting myself with Viagra or cialis and fuck her by myself through mean necessary. I am now station around Bentiu area, believe me or not I will find her and fuck her indeed. I will kidnap her and fuck her for 27 hours.
            I don’t care whether Riek or Taban go back to Bashir slavery sanctury, you will do nothing different to southerners than what you did during the liberation. You collaborated with NIF and never destroy Southerners mighty.


          • Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament lash back at Governor Deng

          • Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament lash back at Governor Deng
            hi aapje!! you are crazy yourself!

        • MPs don’t be used by our foes against your brother Dang!
          Mr Peter

          Taban is already at his home Land, the Federal Republic of Nuerlands, with its capital city as Greater Bantio,

          I wonder which home you wanted him to go to as he is in the heart of his home!! unless you mean he should consider leaving your Dinka dominated GoSS for you, which I believe all Nuer will leave to you very soon!
          We will kick you out of the unity sate very soon!! thus don’t just talk about us leaving you but you leaving our state as we are going to declare our Fereal States of Nuerlands very soon instead!

          A2 (UK)

  4. Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament lash back at Governor Deng
    Dear Southerners,
    I am appealing to our Government of South Sudan to do something for the citizens. It has come to my knowledge that our government is employing foreigners instead of employing the citizens of South Sudan. I am hundred percent sure that we southerners have qualified personnel to run our own government. Now, the problem is, when the government employs foriegners, they thought that South Sudan does not have qualified people to run their own government and started to despise Southerners.
    You can also emagine how they will be paid.
    Dear Governors of South Sudan, stop employing foriegners at the expense of South Sudanese.

    • Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament lash back at Governor Deng
      Hi my people,why are we bringing the confusion to ourselves always ? Don’t we have good leaders born yet ? if I compare ourselves with other communities than we are better off in term of education, politics and even the contribution for the Sudan freedom.but I wondered the way we behave in the centre of Southern Sudan like a wild dog.
      If we don’t know how to ruled ourselves,than let invited the Dinka or Shilluk to come and taught us for the good governance.
      It would have been better for me to be born in one of the communities i mentioned earlier,so that i avoid these unnecessary confusion we are bringing to the South always.
      Let us change ourselves my dear.
      Peter Gatkuoth Lul

      • Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament lash back at Governor Deng
        Trueson southerner,

        First, I know you are not a Dinka or a Southerner, but you want to hide yourself under the name ‘trueson southerner.’

        Why don’t you be who you are instead of claiming to be a southerner. I can tell from your unguided arguments that you are NOT a true son of Southern Sudan. Get a life!

      • Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament lash back at Governor Deng
        Trueson southerner,

        First, I know you are not a Dinka or a Southerner, but you want to hide yourself under the name ’trueson southerner.’

        Why don’t you be who you are instead of claiming to be a southerner. I can tell from your unguided arguments that you are NOT a true son of Southern Sudan. Get a life!

      • Unity for all Nuer people!
        How could we possibly be ruled Dinka or Jaang! Do you know that the word Jang means salve in Nuer language!

        for your info,we Naath did not only sell your Dinkas ancestors to slavery, but also used them as our own slaves, with dinka men as cows-dangs’ caretakers and Dinkas ladies as Nuer concubines! Our Nuer ancestors didn’t use to kill Dinka because they considered them as their cousins, according to story.

        My own believe is that Dinka and Nuer are and will remain cousins, but Dinkas or Jaang must give up their greediness and begin to think wisely and civilised like Nuer! otherwise, we will not allow them to bully other small tribes because protection of basic human rights and respect for others that is what makes us Nuer! like when we fought British and with the help of greater Azande people of course, while our Dinkas fellows were Collaborating with the dirty foes. but we kicked their asses out country anyway and every body is free now! we Nuer never back down no matter what! that is why you call us German!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        We Nuer are proud of our incredibility and morality. We never act greedily under no circumstances! We never act first! we always retaliate or hit back when our foes tries to disrespect us!

        Go to any Nuer house here or there and beg for protection or food or shelter and I believe you will never be disappointed!

        For how many years we have been looking after whole southern Sudanese! I mean how many years we spent feeding SPLA that is made by any tribe in south!

        Without the Nuer power and generosity, could you be there today talking this nonsense, I can prove you wrong.

        Attention: as we built you GoSS, we are capable of destroying it again for you and believe it or not, we are going to declare our Federal States of the Nuerlands very soon and leave you to fight with your endermic hunger like in 1990s!!!
        The Greater Nuer People will be the armed forces of our United Federal States of Nuerlands and they will provide protection to our people and their recourses from our foes.

        I am with any corruption being done by any Nuer or Rami Raan because our Nuerlands is your bread winner and thus you should just look at what we are doing and listen while keeping quite, otherwise we will declare the independence of our Greater Federal Republic of Nuerlands before your so called 2011. if you don’t take my word seriously try to jail Reik or Taban and see what we are going to do to your GoSS and this time with my command, don’t back up if you are men! just try to hurt any Nuerman or Ramin Raan and watch us destroying you!!!!!!!

        We Greater Nuer are behind our both brothers and we support whatever they do to the nonsense GoSS!! should it be right or wrong, is doesn’t matter as long as it is committed by Naath!because is our money and our Nuer power that bring the so-called GoSS to live.

        I solute our fallen Nuer heroes in both A2 and SPLA, with my special tribute and respect to Nuer heroes and patriotics such as Nuer fathers and lords Samuel Ghach Tut Yaang, Abdella Chol Deng and Quote Chatim peace be with you and you will never die for nothing we are still there!

        A2 (UK)

  5. Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament lash back at Governor Deng
    The people of unity state would be saved at last,if the MPS and the government in Juba do some thing this time to correct the mamouse mismanagement of state affairs by this tyrant in person of Taban Deng. Every one who could have followed the events in the last two years is to agree with me that as pointed out in HON.majak claims,there has never been real developmental activities being state’s own initaitive,any sign of development if any in the state is from foriegn oil exploring companies and the “arabs friends” as Taban would like to call them.
    I wonder what Taban is upto with his old colonial borrowed “divide and rule policy”It has become a common knowledge that Taban is embarked on a compaign to cause division among the state’s tribes an example of this is his attempt to personally annex part of Leeh county [Rubkoneh]to Guit county which has so far cause unease relation between the two counties.
    This example and many more are testimony to the colours of a guy other people thought is a good guy.
    Infact Taban is the opposite he is involve in a huge corruption which he has indulged himself shamelessly with out any fear of being brought to account.
    This is the time the GOSS should response to the demand of the people in Unity state about this issue of the state governance, I beg the GOSS not to let the voice of the people down this time as Taban is defiant to the people’s will,do him a favour to let him go home or if he can serve the people in other capacity then let it be,but he should not remain governor, no!!

    • Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament lash back at Governor Deng
      This is extremely true. As long as government is kept open the sway of fraternal influences and special self-interests, the results will always end in corruption.I think the government of Southern’s should do something unless to creat a good system of management.

      The bottom line is that there is no model of selection including the most free and fair in office will have integrity compassion and the interestes of his/her constituents at heart. The MPs OF Unity State observed that a number of looting the state fund over the years, many political, have led to a situation in which community in South Sudan have lost faith in their traditional systems of government or leaderships.

      It is unfortunate that in some parts of South Sudan we have lost the entire traditional terms of leadership, which were orgainised around a social contract between the people and their leaders and chiefs. When I heard about the problems created there in Unity State, I don’t agree with those who condemn Riek Machar without looking the whole situation in Unity State without any single work done by Governor, that’s why the MPs blame him for corruption.

      It is clear that strong leadership is central to the solution of corruption and other social pathologies in Southern Sudan.There has been agreat deal of nice sounding government rhetoric about fighting corruption. Therefore, developing a system of check and balances that make corruption inconvenient and enforcing jail terms for the guilty mandating unannounced auditing.

  6. Unity State MPs in South Sudan parliament lash back at Governor Deng
    The hole has flooded for the Western Upper Nile State governor. How smart the governor is in term of ruling the State like Iraq. One hundred and fifty advisors! I hope Mr. Taban and his allies must pay attention from the MPs’ criticism. He should need to readjust his leadership, otherwise, he will face serious consequences.

    Many people have now learned what kind of game the governor plays about his secret government in Western Upper Nile State, where he personally hired unexpected advisors to protect his secret government from other qualified members. In fact, Mr.Taban must not forget that he was nominated to lead the State for time being since he is a discredited candidate. But now, he pretends to use the public funds for his own interests or bribing of one hundred and fifty advisors, and not spending it on developments. For this alleged corruption, he will wage the severe price in his governorship.

    In the modern world, being a governor is not easy to achieve but it was a gabbling to Taban. I prefer him to be impeached or fired like other governors. In real world, this position requires a clean records and sophisticated skills. But Our hope is that the Western Upper Nile State makes up of two constituents, the Ruweng Dinka, and the slid of Nuer, Naath that need an equal participation in the government. Within the period of three years, Mr.Taban has been engaging in building a cave haven to blindly transcending tribalism between the Ruweng Dinka and the Nuer people.

    The MPs had tried hard but they have left out the issue of border between Ruweng territory and the north. As we have heard that the Khartoum government marks the border line in Ruweng territory by cutting strip of land from Ruweng territory such Aliny (Heligg oil field which is now falsely converted to Abyei by Khartoum regime), Manjonga, Paruudeng, Ngol and Dulanga, and we have never come across the governor’s speech about that in the media and the other sources.

    In general, this behavior indicates that the governor does not have enough skills to lead the State. The southerners expect that Western Upper Nile State could rapidly develop than other States. But it seems to be last and poor State in the Southern States.