South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar


August 4, 2009 (JUBA) — The Vice-President of Southern Sudan government (GOSS) today condemned tribal fighting and violence in semi-autonomous region saying it would not tolerate irresponsible killing of civilians.

Riek Machar
Riek Machar
Dr. Riek Machar was reacting to the killing of 173 civilians and 12 SPLA members in Akobo, from Lou Nuer groups on Sudan and to the murder of more than one hundred people by Ugandan rebels, LRA last week, the statement reported.

“The government of Southern Sudan will not tolerate this careless act that claimed innocence lives of 173 women and children in Akoba County while more innocent people were also killed by foreign culprits in Western Equatoria. The government will do everything in its capacity to apprehend these criminals,” said GOSS Vive President.

Machar further said that the killing in Akobo County is “another evident that justifies the government policy to carry out the most awaited disarmaments of civilian with illegal arms.”

He called upon the UN to air drop humanitarian assistance to affected population in Jonglei because Moreng Village is not accessible during the rainy season either by land or by river.

Yesterday UN Secretary General, Bqan Ki-Moon, condemned the tribal raid and said he had directed the UNMIS to “extend all possible assistance to those affected by this heinous act and work with local authorities to restore calm.”



  1. South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
    What a total hypocrite, this man is so silly and stupid, typical trash SPLM.Old ghosts are coming back to haunt you Machar. Do you remember when the savage SPLA units were involved in the massacre of over 500 Ethiopian civilians in the lower Omo valley of south-west Ethiopia in 1990.

    Or in 1996 when the United Nations Special Rapporteur on human rights in Sudan, documented an incident SPLA forces had attacked two villages in Ganyiel region in southern Sudan. SPLA gunmen killed 210 villagers, of whom 30 were men, 53 were women and 127 were children.

    Why wasn’t there killings not tolerated back then. This is because this communist,Marxist atheist movement has no care about the cost of people’s live to achieve its disgusting and evil ideology.

    I’m feel so sorry for the poor Nuer people who suffered at the hand of the SPLA and I urge the great General Paulino Matip to leave this disgusting trashy movement and return to defend our people again.

    • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
      So, you wnat Matip in Khartoum. Your evil intention is so great that we will not forgive you about anything you have said here. In fact, even your demented mind will tell you, Oshay,” you have gone too far because SPLA is the backbone of the marginalzed people of Sudan.”


      • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
        No i did not go too far. I stated facts. The problem with all you SPLM supporters is that you believe the SPLM does nothing wrong, they’ve never harmed an innocent southerner let alone a butterfly.When will you wake up.

        And I want General Matip to reform the South Sudan Defence Forces and protect us from the savage SPLA.

    • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
      i would also like to tell you Dr machar that most tribal fighting in southern sudan nowadays are caused by politicians mainly those in Juba and the rest of the states of southern sudan. example is Mr Deng Athorbei who is now a GOSS minister for economics and finacial planing in Juba capital. the deteriorating situation of Yirol counties was caused by him but neither the GOSS government had stepped in to investigate nor Lake state government did anything to stop civilian casualties at earlier age. and now he is talking big ideas and planing for the GOSS government while failed to secure the safety and interest of people he repersented.

      you cann’t stop voilent in southern sudan while you failed to capture those who caused it and even if you find those who caused the problem, government is relaxant to comment any approperiate legal proceedures on those who committed crime.

      it is time now to face the truth and realities if we intended to delivered good corporate practice and ethics to our communities at large.

      • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
        Hello/ Joseph Lago

        Don’t you know the reason also you sucker like your friend Oshay?

        Don’t you have a mind to think that Khartoum is the reason for these killing to blame southern sudan, if they left civilian like what is happening now they would say the south government its failed to governance its self? or if they disarm by force and civilian have died in south they will say also the south government its killing its own people?

        Why didn’t you blame Khartoum government when they were killing southerners with out any reason? didn’t you imagine the true killer of southerners?


        you either Damn sucker.

        • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
          hello Mr kur, you better reread my comments again and try to dig out what i’m trying to say to our leaders and government of southern sudan.

          i’m try to appeal to the vice president of southern sudan, to actually get the root cause of any tribal fight and be able to prosecuted them accordingly because most of the tribal fight in southern sudan are caused by greedy politicians for their own personal gain. example of those bad politician is Deng Athorebei who committed an indictable offend by igniting civilian fight in Yirol counties of Lake state. there is no way that southern sudan’s government could stop this babaric acts of some communities if they can not designed a strict system that would safegaurd soft target.

          please kur if you are on drugs, do not comments on public website because you are using bad or street language which is not approperiate for other people, talk like professional.


      • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
        To Joseph lago,

        When you people are going to learn how to approaches national issues, there is no link between the tribal conflicts and Mr Deng Athorbei or whoever you have problem with. Second to that do you think Mr taitor Dr Riek Machar is clean to talks about others in the South????.

        You should know the history of this country before you run your mouth for nothing otherwise!!!!

        Please let the politicians urinated their empty promises with full of hypocriticals.

        185 lives is a great lost to the country so GOSS must speed up the disarmement and investigate where the civilians get supply with such weapons.

    • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
      Everyone should live in their homeland!!

      It is big NO that, there will be peace in South Sudan.
      Unless Dinka change their behave otherwise no peace will be seen in South Sudan.

      Please fellow Dinkas stop killing one another.

      Brother in Christ,

      Busta 2

      • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
        Look at this rat call Busta2 or butterfly, what sort of behaviour you talking about? Why don’t you talk of your madness behaviour that you are now showing here? If you want to advice Dinka, just be frank and straight to the point. Don’t whipped and intendingly force innocent Dinkas into your own personal route. We know how you minor tribes are feeling but wait for South referendum where you can change whoever or your mind.

        • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
          Hello Malunguic,

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          Your words made me puking until I almost throw off my lung.
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          • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
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          • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
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          • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
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          • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
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          • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
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          • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
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          • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
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          • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
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          • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
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          • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
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          • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
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          • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
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          • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
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          • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
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      • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
        Some stupid drunkards dogs like bustards 2 comment like dancing a disco without appoperiate understanding on what is the topic.

        I remember big unlogic dog commented that ” He hate Dinka because his prostitute mother remarreid to Dinka second time” Are you too? blame your prostitute mothers not Dinka

        likewise 80% of equatorian shits are WEDLOCK CHILDREN!!!!

      • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
        To BUSTA2,

        You should not be blame because being growing up in Uganda refugee camps is a one of the terrible things. It will be good to know a little bit about history of the country you claims now!!!!

        You have to leanrns to differentiate the Bor Dinka, Lou Nuer, Murle, other Nuer tribes and the whole Dinka tribe.

        If don’t know the history of your father, people, and your country then you are uselss.

        Don’t be like Big logic who don’t know anything about Sudan and even East Equatoria where he was born although he is from Lapit/Lokoya tribe from E Equatoria state in S Sudan.

        Sorry other Southerners who don’t like this tribal politics!!!

    • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar

      When disarmament was aborted in may 2007, what did GOSS expect would be the outcome?killing,right?Now it is!!
      It has always been khartoum interest distablising the south even by using UNIMIS as her agent.

      Now saving what dignity or civilians?

      Osay is always happy in things to distablise the south,but soon those islamic radicals in khartoum will kneel down for surval or else go back to middle east where they 150 years ago.

    • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
      Mr. Oshay.

      An abuse make a the person weak and out of reasoning, Machar is our Leader, he has right to say that word, but your comment here cann,t be just abuses rather you can comment for a solution.

      Dear Dr. Machar.

      Your reactions are well and good enough for the protection of civillian and sovereignty of South Sudan Nation.

      The attack which has been caused by the Murle against the LUO-NUER and SPLA Soldiers is evil one.

      The solution by disarming the entire southern Sudanese communities is the top priority actually, but it needs some more other mechanisms to work with it; first the increase of the Police forces in all of the Ten States, second the present of Judicial organs in all the ten States with one Magistrate Judge heading magistrate court in each county to make justice prevails, third the empowerment of the anticorruption commission and making it works properly in the ten states.

      I hope if those measures will be added to supplement Disarmament of the civillian then the security of the entire nation will be stable and moving.

      Otherwise let us bring all evil makers to justice.


    • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
      Mr vice president the killing and violence that you ever talking about it was your aim and planning, you have now pretend that will not repeat it again.

      Luckly to hard that installation from you MR vice president Dr Riek Machar. i don’t thing you are telling true my dear for your crisis is ever coming up in my mind until now.

      • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
        To Sala Gai
        hello Mr, what a hell are you talking about? in your mind do you memorised the way arabs fuck you in the presency of your dad or what crisis are you talking about?


        • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
          In Nuer dialect Douth means behind or sort of that, so you are delusional. You are sick, you should be mourning for the death of your relatives who are slained by the Murle, instead, you are prematurely distorting others with your indecent language trying to intimidated people, in a foolish attempt to protect your Nuer leaders from being criticized. Of course Nuer people think they know how to fight more than other tribes in the South. I agree with that only if you can resurrect those 161 persons killed, in order to make them fight those who killed them. If not, then you are an absurd old boy, this is a 21 century no need for foolish concepts in the past. Try to show decency if you are a real human. Who does not know Matip and Riak are both traitors of the Southerners, only you and the rest of the monkeys who called themselves Bintiu sons. Do yourself a favor! go and teach your people about the badness of fooling around with a sub-human brain, which will not restrain them when think get more complicated, surpassing thier brain capabilities. Although, I acknowledge that there are many decent Nuer people, there are as well, many terrible creatures among them, those of Kim, Douth, Busta2, and, more of the same hopeless group who are sick wih a third world sydrome.

        • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
          i will not explain to you but moc mor yin ke be lek yin.
          he did crisis to an other community but not me,in political am for all in the leadership not to against other and leave other

    • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
      Hi Mr vice president

      we are very happy to hear that but there is one thing that we don,t trust you again, as kiswahili say that, matoto ya nyoka ni nyoka.
      south sudan government like talking without planning and implementation, forsure how many time you talk about disarmment and is not sucessful until you witness the bloody killing like this.

    • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
      Dear brother,

      to me your blame to our president is baseless, first of all you have to daignose your word before publish it.

      if you were Riek, what will you do to dinka for example? we agreed that fast are fast there is no need for us to open an healling wound. everybody killed everybody, or i may misunderstood you comrade? do you want Riek to killed all murle?
      all are your choice.

  2. South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
    Sir, actions speak louder than words. As citizens of South Sudan, we expect our government to protect us. We therefore demand the disarmement of civiliansin in all states of South Sudan. In addition,the police force must undergo well training, and must also be paid well in order to keep law and order. We also demand that the LRA be forcefully removed from our territory, for our people to enjoy the freedom they fought for many years.


  3. South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
    Indeed action are better than words, it is time for the GOSS, with its right wing Army SPLA, To declare war and hunt and bring these criminals to justice, LRA and inside based militia groups, supported by people who want to disturb the peace, should be pursued and brought to justice and their source be eliminated, people can not talk about peace, peace all the time, certain measures need to be exercised to bring the “peace” in the region.
    Long live SPLM/SPLA

  4. South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
    That is a good step from SPLM/GOSS leaders to take action or disarment civilians,however,we must becarefull with the step we take so that there is no oneside victim. To investiigate the criminals who carried on the attack, first we have to go back and find out those who attack Mural tribe first because this seem like a revenge from Mural tribe who lost more than 400 people last months. If it whole disarmemnt in south,we must start at Bor, Lou Nure and then Mural. To other tribes who their cases has been ignored by SPM/GOSS now you know the way to rise your problems to them. I condemn the the attack that killed innocence citizens.
    Oduck Bol

    • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
      Hi dog Oshay

      I don’t why technical can’t lock you out on this wesite.
      Even thZ Southern are you frist man!!!.

      please shut hell up.


      • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
        Dear Southerners, time has come to remove Mr. Kiir from power; he’s so inept, so irrelevant that makes me imagine what made Garang to keep him as Chief of Staff in the first place.

        He does know how to talk, to think and to act, but good at showing us his cowboy hat and goatee with nothing else to show, except his emptiness. Are we ready to go it again like that for the next five years? Surely not!

        If we don’t, this man will plunge our land into more troubles!!! stand all and let’s try Dr. Riek Machar. I have said it more than once and will still say it.

        Gen. Kiir can’t changed, too dangerous to trust him when lives of our people becomes so cheap before his eyes.

        Which government that allowed its people to be butchered by foreigners and its civilians killing each other like rats.

        ‘Gaib Al Awel’ time has come and is here.

        If Dinkas don’t like it (this reading), they will taste it.


        • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
          Rat/Lokorai or Locust, if you are ready to say some thing about Dinkas just say it and I will provide you with more taste rather than you doing it. Just tell your fag UN or your secret weapons you purchases from North using South oil. Todays Dinkas are more prepared for any challenge. Look rat, if you keep changing the topic from its original stands to Dinka, I’ll shape your tiny arse with some overdue evidence. Mentioned Dinkas names again if you are Bashir faeces collector!!!

          • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
            Tongthok is back Malunguic is spelling mistakes.

            First, I would like to thanks those people you called rats for not responding to you calling them rats. They realized that wasting iliterate fool like you is miserable rather than doing their own professions in the field of politics.

            I will be back on this topic to address more about your cultural behaviors as well the entire your people backgrounds. Stay tune niga.

          • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
            So you are Bashir faeces collector. Look rat or Tong arse/Lokorai, I have realised that alias of Tong arse, Lokorai, Logic/Riek, Taposa are yours, or rather one person names. Here don’t try to tell me that you are advising people, why, because you are convincing your arse as Lokorai. These are rubbish politics, they should not be run on the basis of showing or risking Dinkas lives. To me that is a NO, and of course I ‘m not wild enough to be chewed by traitors in the middle of day time. Look rat, why can’t you ask me of how to run politics in some ways around rather than planting hatred between Dinkas and with in other tribes. Earlier on, I would have contributed positively, but due to your madness I’ll be just chasing any rat running dirty politic and planting hatred among Dinkas. Look idiot rat, keep calling me as an illiterate but one day you will be surprise of my magic speaking technique. I know you are one of those rats who lean their doubt competence on our existing Gvt and describing our leaders as they run South with primitivety leaving the fact states, once you have spent years on barracks therefore you are more qualified than those who have been in schools for years. Again rat, if you are not a tribalist as you claim, can you tell your rats or your arse self not to run politics on Dinkas. Here you guys don’t know why I call you rats it is another way of using animals name in present of big rats some where. if there is any one out there desperate about how to use politics in the ground, don’t be histant to challenge me on any topic regarding politics and leave this filthy rats arab tails calls Tong arse. He is just a farted waste leaving out side Sudan and of course he doesn’t know politics or Sudan. He is of those rats who light into irreversible darkness and his fames are comprise of letting cat out the bag. Stay alert rat for more wax warnings!!!

      • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar

        If the Murle perpetrators are to be brought to justices as some people are running their mouths about the Akobo incident now, then I think Mr. Kim Deng should be brought first to book because he is the masterminded criminal who engineered and pushed hard for the barbaric killing of the Murle civilians of Akobo and Pibor. Kim is the one to be blamed for the massacring of the Lou Nuer because he always write crappy nonesense about the poor Lou Nuer people that they are Mighty and Warriors. Which makes some as me to leaned back that let Mr. Kim Deng Wornyang salvage the Lou Nuer he always shitty saying about them.

  5. South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar

    You are always irrelevant, which makes you a punk. I saw matip on the Sudanese Television in Khartoum in 2005 while he was been interviewed on the death of Late Dr. Garang. Now you are claiming that he is been fighting in trenches somewhere in the South, that claim is irrelevant. The conflict originated from confused fools like Matip and yourself. You people are reactionaries who will never settle for even for billions right causes. It is so ironic because your statements fit only to attribute to the like of matip and yourself.

    • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
      You son of toilet conductor calling your self Malakal, can you ajust your self and behave like human, who among our leaders ranking from Garang to the junior have never ever been to khartoum?.
      stop abusing elders and our most powerfull general Puolinuo Matip .
      just ask your father to give you some money he collected from Malakal public toilet to earn you something to eat.

  6. South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
    Great step Dr. Machar, being silence will not help nor solving problems. However, as you say no tolerant to this massive attack or futher killing and violence in semi-autonomous region, SPLM/GOSS need to firmly stick to what they say and implement their duties. Otherwise the disarmament of the aggressor tribes or communities must be done as mention to stop them acts as instigators of the Southern Sudan, so wake up GOSS and open your eyes wider to help ethnic communities of Southern Sudan stay in harmony.

    Good lack and be bless.

    By Miss Abok

    • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
      Dear all in this website

      to be on these website is not ashame for you but it’s good to learn the politics in the ground not you are stupid / idiot /tribulism and so

      your stupidity will excepted in extend.

      Salah Gai

  7. South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
    it mean you don,t know the history of the SPLM/A and the NIF/NCP when you said Matip was not in Khartoum,he was in the dep trenches in the south.

    Matip Nhial defected immediately after one year in 1984 back to Khartoum if you are not aware of this,but these are things of the past,lets mend the broken ribs and not open the old wounds.

    General Matip is now fully committed to the course of unity of the people of south Sudan.

    why do you waste your time commeting on things you have no clue about it.
    i would want to advice my fellow regular writers on this website to leave Oshay alone to beat his own bush

  8. South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
    Mr Vice corrupter

    When did you become active to condemn crime doer? when Lou Nuer killing dozen from Murle, why you don’t react like now, what is different?

    So if you wake up from your bed, please try to solve the case without other revenge that will be good enough and we will even happy to give you creditability for your work.Also it remind us that you are not tribe minded but you were been sleeping, because what we know you are tribe minded as we know before when you killed dozen in Bor 1991 we still remember that on your back.
    Good Listener Daddy

    • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
      Mr. vice president of Goss Dr. Riek Machar, you are condemning killing of innocent civilian while you are the one who show Southerners this act in 1990s of Bor messes killing. Actually it’s not good for innocent people to died for unknown reason but don’t foreget that people learned this conduct through you.
      Second to that, you are the one who refused for the disarmemant of Murle tribe but if you agree than tell Kiir to send soldiers to pibor for disarmemant. Mr. Riek, you are a leader of condition but not future leader who can promote standard of living in the South.


      • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
        Dear Mr. Vice president, I do not understand what you guys are doing sitting in Juba. People are getting tired of your pretends. Why do you folks do not stop singing songs of fear saying that you are codemning the killing.

        How long has this been going between Nuer and Murle? You should ask yourself why it that happening and you can not do anything to stop it? Shame on GoSS in Juba.

        Get your butts off the seat in your office and visit the region and sent troops to monitor the situation. Your are all part of what is going between both communities involved in the attack.

        Thank you.

        Peter Nhiany.

  9. South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
    Waw, Big hypocrosy,

    Big and foolish Riek (desaster) you are total desaster in this country, and I know that South Sudan will live in peace after you.

    How can you pretend to be peace maker, whilst you are the very person who taught hostility and tribal hatred in South. you are intolerant of the ongoing hostility, and that was the same way that we were feeling about you when you cause trouble for South Sudanese.

    However, feel how horrible it is when people turn against themselves.
    You incited them to fight among themselves, now you should go and tell them that (both) you and them (Riek _Murle & Nuer)are wrong and need correction and not to live in crazy manners any more since they are leading you no where but hell.

    • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
      Dear Machar,
      it is better to use a thief to capture a thief the proverd says,because of the similar life experience and strategy they share in common.any way we have taken your statement in words Machar and we will see for our selves.

      Remember what you did to the Dingkar Bor during your breakout from the movement was worst than this,what you are talking here makes no sense.there is a lot of creditability gap in the So called Government of Self Service (GOSS).

      Bringing the Murle to book will too call for Machar to answer for what he did.
      Haa Haa Haa i laugh hear when talking about the southern politics,there is no one who is patriotic at all

      Sudanese note these:
      1-Machar is just a rat where the abundance of the food are in the kitchen he opted to be in the Kitchen,where it is at the the bed room he needed to be at the bed room
      2-what about Kiir?when Garang tries to remove kirr due to incompetence Kirr organized in Yei to fight Garang whenever he set feet in Yei.
      3-Matip I cann’t talk of,this is just the biggest Arabic tool and a fool after all.
      4-Wani is good in talking nothing more.
      5-Laam was as good as Riek Machar and both as good as rats, where is he now after his removal from his post as foreign minister,you can tell

      So what am I talking here,Truely and sincerely we have no true and patriotic politician,they are all after food and money to keep them talking projecting themselves as patrotic why actual not.

      If you want to prove me right remove Kiir or Machar from their post and see if they will still stick to the objective of the movement the SPLA.

      we are at a great mass amidst this mad politician

      You can tell where is the future of this country?

  10. South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar



    • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
      Hi tribalists

      I thought the war of words [internet warlordism] against tribes over the internet was almost over,until this later incident of Murle attack unearthed it all.Why is there so much hatred among the Dinka against the Nuer ethnic group? Couldn,t explain much for sure,but one thing is certain-the Dinka being a ruling class at the moment tries as much possible as their strategy to bully all into submission to their unpopular rule of corruption and tribalism,and they have their attention on one particular target,the Nuer who in the distant past and even upto now,got a bad relation with the Dinka,which is to speak,has something to do with the question of truth.It is very clear and true to the records that Nuer would be much hasten to believe a story or whatever it’s that is of concern from a Dinka.This same applies to a Dinka when dealing with Nuer.

      The whole Nuer-Dinka relation isn’t one to be not wary about,and many facts based on recent events have illustrated it all,how a dangerous place it can be where the two groups have supposedly their hidden agenda,intend on surpressing others or disadvantaging them.Many commentators above who reacted negatively to the message from the Vice president,either do it under tribal weight or simply,carelessly chose to write what can make them at odd with the message.But central to the idea,is what we can properly call ‘character assasination’ aimed at belittling the work of the Vice president who in this case for most people here,is an outsider [a Nuer] that do not cost anything to be scolded at.

      I won’t waste my time here to respond in any intelligent terms to one of the commentators about his alleged Nuer’s conspiracy to attack the Dinka,because he is definitely having difficult time to understand things that are happening now in South Sudan.There is no need for Nuer to do anything like that right now,as I see no cause for that.So it’s completely a total lie and couldn’t be back up by any rationale argument or whatsoever.


      Please,I ask all of you to refrain from dirty politic,non would benefits from it.Remember,this web information is access by many governments intelligent agencies through out the world,imagine the government of Sudan using this comment forum site to collect all the informations we willingly give here to bite off each other in a propaganda compaign to divide us in the near future or even triger a civil war in an independent South Sudan.All we have said exposed our weaknesses and I personally wonder wether we have left with anything worthy of a secret,shame guys! I know,nobody is a saint who is expected to attain a complete and an unquestionable perfection,but atleast lets learn from expriences and if possible from reasoning.For example,am no saint to give advise,but I have always hate the time I have to apply the law of ‘a tooth for a tooth’ ‘an eye for an eye’ or worse,stepping the brinks and launch an attack in self defence.Am sure,I would not be the same tommorrow-giving advise like this one when I find my tribe and integrity as a person,is the one at stake.It maybe a different story.So please,stop attacking tribes,because if you do,you will open a window of opportunity for the ultimate enemy to exploits,since whom you target won’t be in the silence for long before getting back at you.

      As for the Murle attack,it will be solve in time,that’s my hope.

      Well,you will find what I have written sometimes offensive and contradictory,but I have done it with a good intend.

      • South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
        Look Tut, when I signed up on this web I thought every Southern tribe would be respected and treaded fairly with an enthusiastic solid language. However, when I read those of Logic or Riek, Taposa boy, Galuak, King Tut other Nuers, I found every one putting some dirty blame game on all Dinkas. Can you imagine how you might feels if I placed you into that position as an innocent Nuer being irritated with unanswered allegation of which illiterate had never admitted? I don’t have anything about your claiming on GOSS If you rats like Tut connect things that are not associated with the currents news. Don’t be surprise to call me triblist leaving your itchy hatred of which you have depicted here. If you are not the father of triblist then why did you fart these faults on Dinkas? (The Dinka being a ruling class at the moment) I tell you what Tut, this is exactly your culture that you are showing here. Usually those are the words that a simple person like me can here from a very competive leader like Riek. He only qualified for the PHD known as POVERTY, HATRED and providing DISEASES. If you denny it, go and ask him why he is not committing in his leadership and why does Nuers always call GOSS as a Dinka party mean while Riek is there to manage the South? Anyway I thank you for stating that you are not a saint who can’t see central ideas at their connotations. Good luck with your message to those who want to chew Dinkas. Remember, I will be a good citizen of Riek at the time you Rats change your lame attitude on Dinkas. Don’t call me triblist if you hate it rat!!!

  11. South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
    Now, you see, this is because of the stupid peace agreement that you signed from the beginning with dictatorship regimes. As you see and imagine, GOSS now is trying to deal with its ignorance problems, killing in the South is now more than the war time, so, what was the main reason of such agreements with “Cheaters” and “Killers” that the head of their State is stamped by the International Criminal Court. Shame on you those who are calling for new Sudan, I don’t see no differences between you and the other stupid Government in the North, you both are going no where, the history is our witness when you all stiff up with these poor people $$ and then what?
    Go to hell all of you and leave Sudan alone please.
    Thank you

  12. South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
    to suoth sudan official it is true that what have been said by Gatmachar regarding the killing of 173 in Akobo town,why GOSS did not take action against those who always come to kill inocent people childern& women,better for GOSS to deploy the army in Akobo/Waat&URROR COUNTY to protect the life of civilian or to disarm the murle gun so that they could not come to lose the life of inocent people if not GOSS can not tolerate because Lou are the part of GOSS.

  13. South Sudan will not tolerate further killing and violence – Machar
    to suoth sudan official it is true that what have been said by Gatmachar regarding the killing of 173 in Akobo town,why GOSS did not take action against those who always come to kill inocent people childern& women,better for GOSS to deploy the army in Akobo/Waat&URROR COUNTY to protect the life of civilian or to disarm the murle gun so that they could not come to lose the life of inocent people if not GOSS can not tolerate because Lou are the part of GOSS.