New report warns of severe risks of money laundering in Sudan

John Prendergast in Congo 2010 . (Jeff Trussell/Enough Photo)
John Prendergast in Congo 2010 . (Jeff Trussell/Enough Photo)

April 2, 2019 (WASHINGTON) + The U.S. group Sentry Tuesday released a report about the existence of the severe risks for money laundering, terrorist financing, and other criminal activity in the Sudanese financial system.

The alert report compares the Sudanese law and policies with the international and U.S. anti-corruption standards set by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) charged with regulating and monitoring anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing.

The Sentry said that the comparison shows that the Sudanese government’s efforts to counter money laundering and terrorist financing are vastly inadequate.

“This inadequacy creates tremendous risk for international financial institutions and businesses operating in Sudan, and the regime’s reluctance to implement sufficient anti-money laundering measures demonstrates an unwillingness to tackle its own rampant corruption”.

The report comes as the Sudanese government despite the brutal crackdown on peaceful protests continues to call for Sudan removal from the list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Khartoum and Washington reached a deal on this respect last November but several sources say the removal of the designation has been compromised by the Sudanese government recent violations of human rights and freedoms.

The White House is expected to issue a decision on Sudan’s removal from the terror list in the upcoming months.

“Sudan’s weak anti-money laundering controls leave the entire country open to abuse by Bashir’s inner circle in Khartoum, but also to exploitation by criminal and terrorist networks operating in the country and region,” said John Prendergast, Founding Director of the Enough Project and Co-Founder of The Sentry.

Prendergast said that the Sentry’s report exposes how dangerous the illicit finance situation in Sudan as the government has failed to implement international anti-money laundering standards.

He further went to call on the United States administration to impose individual sanctions on those responsible for “grand corruption, grave human rights abuses, and threats to global security and the integrity of the international financial system.”

Also, Suliman Baldo, Senior Advisor to the Enough Project said to the widely spread corruption in Sudan has driven the nation’s economy to near collapse.

“Rather than killing and torturing citizens who rise up peacefully and call for an end to corruption and repression, the Bashir regime should take accountability for its own economic mismanagement and system-wide criminality,” he added.



  1. New report warns of severe risks of money laundering in Sudan
    There he goes!
    Is John Prendergast a member of the ‘world’s feared, covert, overt and secretive’ Elites that control the world financial system including the ‘privately owned US federal reserve and the so-called Bank of international settlement (BIS)?’ I hope Mr. Prendergast is not a member of those above institutions and he does>>>

    • New report warns of severe risks of money laundering in Sudan
      Then the world’s most dangerous ‘cabals’ are not secretive but overt as well. This John Prendergast has been lobbying South Sudan neighboring countries to stiffle South Sudan financially and to drive home their regime change of the current government and replaced with stooges/puppets whom these cabals can go remotely control in Washington, Wall Street, London, Brussels, Basel>>>

      • New report warns of severe risks of money laundering in Sudan
        in Switzerland and other shady countries the cabals go and hie their loots in! Probably this John Prendergast fellow is the cabals agent for South Sudan and North Sudan. He always doesn’t mention oppositions, but the incumbents there we go again. Probably they have made deals with oppositions of both countries, duh!>>>

        • New report warns of severe risks of money laundering in Sudan
          I am amazed by how much the ‘European secret societies including their notorious Rothschild’s and Rockefeller families’ took virtually every European and American banks including the so-called US federal reserve?! Here in South Sudan, South Sudan central bank and resources keys are not ‘handed over’ to these cabals and this is why they have been playing ‘war games’ over South Sudan and the South>>

          • New report warns of severe risks of money laundering in Sudan
            Sudanese people and the ultimate aim is to control South Sudan and the South Sudanese people remotely through our resources and our banks by these ‘secretive and unelected cabals?’ No wonder they like their Riek Machar murderer and Mr. Pagan Amuom and Thom’s Cirillo thieves! I would be damned if those three South Sudanese criminals have not been inducted into these world secretive cabals>>>

          • New report warns of severe risks of money laundering in Sudan
            Mr. Pagan Amuom went and declared outside the UN building that the “UN should take over South Sudan and the South Sudanese people” Mr. Riek Machar had asked the ‘regional countries to bring troops into South Sudan’ to come and protect him against the South Sudanese people? Mr. Thomas Cirillo also asked the South Sudanese people to runout of South Sudan to neighboring countries?!!>>>

          • New report warns of severe risks of money laundering in Sudan
            And these sellout South Sudanese traitors, murderers and thieves are the darlings of the US, the UK and their sleazy NGOs. My goodness, understand that even the UN building is on ‘Rockefeller family land’ and these creeps want to start their so-called UN NEW WORLD ORDER GOVERNMENT here in South Sudan and North Sudan. Good luck with that creeps.